Yinshun’s Samyukta Agama & New Translations Uploaded

This week I implemented Yinshun’s divisions of the Samyukta Agama, which divided the sutra collection into 51 groups (samyuktas) that are similar to the thematic groups in the Pali Samyutta Nikaya.

English translations of the first four sutras from the Aggregates Group have also been added, which define the five aggregates of form, feeling, perception, intention, and consciousness as impermanent, painful, empty, and not self.

Over the next couple weeks I’ll be adding several more sutras from the Aggregates group and the Noble Path group of the Samyuka Agama. Once all the sutras that are currently drafted are edited and published, I’ll be switching to translating the Ekottarika Agama‘s Introduction.

New Dharma Pearls Website Is Live

A quick note for those checking in for updates on my translation projects: I’ve created a website at Github Pages to serve as the central repository for my English translations. Going forwards, the translations that have been published here at WordPress will be moved over to the new website and removed from the blog. However, I’ll continue blogging news, updates, and occasional essays. I’ll also provide links to my translations on my other website in the menu and post announcements here when new translations are released.

The new website will make it possible add more advanced features like side-by-side comparisons of the Chinese and English, tables of correspondence to Pali texts, and more. Using Github’s Jekyll and a little IT know-how, I’ll be adding new features gradually as I add translations.

The only new translation added with the initial launch of the Github site is a sutra from the Dirgha Agama, No. 29 titled Lohitya (parallel to Pali Digha Nikaya 12: Lohicca). The seven Madhyama Agama sutras have been moved, and I’ll be moving the Samyukta Agama sutras over to the new site in the next week or two.